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Residential Moving Services in or out of Rochester, NY

Our mission is to relieve your stress during a move. We do so by providing award-winning customer service, keeping your belongings intact, and helping create a custom plan to ensure your move goes the way you want and need it to. From items as small as thumbtacks, to as large as cars and trucks – we can move and store anything you need while in transition.

If you are planning a move, we recommend starting with a free, written, no-obligation estimate from a Clark Moving & Storage relocation specialist.

Our Residential Moving Services Include:

Local / New York State Residential Moving | Interstate/USA Residential Moving | International Residential Moving | Storage In Transit

Local / New York State Residential Moving

  • Hourly Transportation Rates apply when the distance between the origin and destination is 150 miles or less.
  • NYS Shipments over 150 miles are based on weight and mileage.

Interstate / USA Residential Moving

Interstate shipments (from one state to another) are based on weight and mileage. The mileage is determined from origin zip code to destination zip code. *Clark Moving & Storage conducts interstate business as an Agent for Mayflower.

International Residential Moving

We can move you anywhere as long as we can get a shipping container or truck there! Clark Moving & Storage in Rochester, NY provides appropriate options for international moves and will guide you through every detail so you can relax.

Air Freight

  • Reduces transit time; used to send time-sensitive items.
  • Ideal for smaller shipments.


  • Constructed of plywood with a 2-inch by 4-inch wooden frame. Skids are attached to the bottom of the container so it can be handled by a forklift.
  • Lift-vans are usually lined with water-resistant paper and may be caulked as necessary to keep your goods dry. After caulking, steel straps are placed around the outside to secure the lift-van.
  • Standard sizes are 185 to 210 cubic feet. Other sizes can be built to hold bulky items.
  • Generally used if total shipment weighs less than 4,000 pounds.
  • Can be used for storage as well as transportation, which prevents additional handling.
  • Can easily be inspected for customs clearance.

Ocean Freight

  • Usually less expensive than air freight.
  • Normally the longest leg of the move in terms of distance and time spent in transit.

Steamship Containers

  • Constructed of steel and resemble motor freight trailers.
  • Twenty-foot containers hold approximately 1,100 cubic feet while 40-foot units hold about 2,200 cubic feet.
  • Can hold more than a single lift-van and are used for large or bulky shipments. To effectively use a steamship container, a minimum of 700 cubic feet (approximately 4,000 pounds) is suggested.
  • May not be available for shipping to some foreign countries.
  • Provided by ocean carriers and may not be utilized for storage purposes.
  • Due to their construction, allows for best protection of a shipment compared to other containers.
  • Can result in lower transportation charges if the minimum requirement for weight and volume are met.

Storage In Transit

We are grateful to be an agent of Mayflower Transit and subsequently able to offer options wherever you need us: storage services can be arranged where you are now, or where you are moving to. At Clark Moving & Storage, we know things can happen at any point when planning a move. Whether you’re delayed because your home isn’t ready or real estate timing got tricky, we can and will accommodate.

Storage Options and Fees

Storage in transit services and charges are a part of the long-distance move and contract.

Permanent Storage

If your vaulted storage needs are local or long term, the methods are the same, but the pricing and contracts are not part of a long-distance move, but rather a separate agreement with the individual warehouse.

Description Of Additional Storage Charges

  • Warehouse handling is a one-time charge, usually based on weight, to prepare the shipment for storage.
  • Storage charges for household goods are normally based on weight and the period charges are governed by the tariff that applies.
  • Pick Up or Delivery Charges can be by the hour or on a weight basis, again governed by the tariff that applies.
  • Storage access is by appointment only. Hourly rates apply to prepare the shipment for access and then replacing. Storage charges will be adjusted for reduced or additional weight.
  • Additional Valuation can be added to increase the carriers’ minimum liability.

Self Packing, Portable Moving & Storage Containers

  • Quick, Convenient & Affordable Storage
  • Sturdy and Waterproof.
  • Ground-level container for ease of access.
  • Load at your own pace.
  • We will move your shipping container to storage or your new location when you’re ready.


Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Videos


Yes we do, through the Mayflower Transit Virtual Survey app, available in the App Store and Google Play. Alternatively, you can call our Quote Hotline at 585-617-3510 and our Customer Service Coordinator will schedule a virtual survey with one of our sales representatives.

You can call us at 585-594-5000, request a quote through Google My Business, or Podium webchat linked to our website, or email us at:

We accept payment by Debit Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Yes, Local Moving is an option on Saturday’s with an overtime rate. If you are interested in learning more, or wish to get on our schedule, call our office today!

Yes, and is encouraged throughout the moving industry.

Yes, at least the top 2 drawers so nothing tips out while moving. Most furniture will be tipped on the side to get out doorways.

Yes you certainly can. We call that Pack By Owner!

Yes, our team of Packers will gladly pack up your belongings. A quote can be provided, and pricing is determined by box selection & quantity. A separate quote can be provided.

Yes, you can purchase boxes, tape, and packing paper for your move.

Tips are available on Mayflower Transits website, or at the bottom of our Residential Moving page on our website.

Mayflower Transit’s website gives tips on how to pack different rooms. They offer instructional videos and a step-by-step process.

Begin with the U.S. Post Office’s online Change of Address Form It’s also important to notify your banks, insurance providers, credit card companies, and magazine subscriptions of your new address.

Yes, call us after and we can come do a Box Pickup for when you are all unpacked.

Yes, someone who is involved with the move, must be there.

Yes, let our team of professionals handle the heavy and awkward stuff to avoid you from getting potentially injured.

It is recommended that plants do not go in moving trucks as they could potentially die due to heat. Owners should move the plants themselves.

Yes, when the items are being brought in, communicate with the movers on where you’d like them placed.

Yes! Sunshine, Rain, Snow, etc.

Yes, we sure can. Leave the heavy lifting to us, and we’ll have it set up in your new backyard oasis in no time!

Yes, we can! We have the proper equipment to make sure it's protected while transporting.

Yes! We can move gas and/or charcoal grills. We will not transport gas or propane, so please make sure to empty grills prior to our arrival.

Helpful Moving Tips And DIY Videos From Mayflower – Award Winning Service

Discover the easier way to move! Follow some of the moving tips provided by our parent company, Mayflower Transit, one of the nation’s longest-running moving companies.

Packing Your Kitchen

Packing Your Bedroom

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